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Owala Flip® EastMan Tritan 25oz

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Let’s pretend this is the best product description you’ve ever read. You’re wowed by my one-handed flip straw and triple-layered insulation and awed by my colour options.
By this point, you’re not just trying to decide whether you should drop me in your cart, but rather who else deserves me. Your mom? Your boss? That special someone you’re trying to impress? Maybe all the above.
I have a flip-up straw.
Now you see it. Now you don’t. Equally loved by magicians and germaphobes alike, my flip-up straw easily opens with one hand when you’re feeling parched, then tucks tidily away to help protect it from microscopic monsters. And full-size ones, too.
I have a carry loop.
Yes, a carry loop. Because the truth is, you’re going to be hauling me around just about everywhere—the office, the gym, and awkward first dates. So let’s make all those adventures as comfortable as possible—for both of us.
I'm leak proof.
Probably the most important thing in a water bottle, yet how many bottles end up leaking and making a mess all over you and your stuff? Not this guy. Designed with water-tight seals, I’ll contain myself at all times.
Easy one-handed open and close function encourages effortless hydration; integrated carry loop adds convenience
BPA and phthalate-free; hand wash cup, dishwasher-safe lid; not for use with hot liquids; manufacturer’s limited lifetime

Color: Very Very Dark